Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Series of pictures

The Getty Villa

The Getty Villa is located in Malibu,California. This museum is modeled to look exactly like the Villa dei Papyri. In the atrium there are all six replicas of the statue of the Girl Fastening her Peplos. They were all surrounding this small pond of water. When all of the statues are close together, it is easy to see what she is doing. Discovering Villa dei Papryi helps give a better explanation of life that was buried before Mount Vesuvius erupted

Girl Fastening her Peplos

There are a series of five statues of the Girl Fastening her Peplos. They each show a different step to wearing the peplos. No one truly knows if she is putting on or taking off her peplos. This particular statue is made out of bronze. It is noticeable that she is not looking at what she is doing but only looking straight ahead. This statue was discovered in the Villa dei Papryi


The Los Angles County Museum of Art had an exhibit on Pompeii and the Roman Villa. At the exhibit were many statues and there was one statue of the Girl Fastening her Peplos out of the five statues. It was one of the first large pieces seen when entering the exhibit. In the description it predicted that the statues were of dancers, actresses, or daughters of the villa owner. It could also possibly be mythological figures, though they are not carrying any major signifcant figure e.g. a spear, or crown. The statue's eyes were made from bone or ivory and the pupils were made out of a colored stone. The Girl's dress is green, but it was copper and tin making the dress shine in the sunlight but had most likely faded. Her feet were not completely restored, so she had a couple of toes missing which made the statue a feel of authenticity.

Mount Vesuvius

Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 B.C., it covered Pompeii and Herculaneum in ash destroying the cities. It was not until 1713 that these cities were rediscovered. One of the villas that was recovered later is the Villa dei Papyri. The Villa dei Papyri was named after the black scrolls of carbonized papyrus that was discovered in this villa. In this villa the statue of the Girl Fastening her Peplos was one of the statues that was discovered. Most of the statue was still in place because the ash was able to preserve some of the statue.